28 February 2009

mini-golf and crêpes

happy weekend, everybody! what a lovely one it's been so far. my dear friend, olivia rose, celebrated her birthday yesterday with mini-golf and cupcakes. i saw a lot of old friends, and made some new ones. it was a really nice evening. today i woke up at noon (heaven), and went to watch my cello professor's 4 year old- matisse. then, i went to a place for brunch with a friend that one of those new friends last night recommended- the leaf kitchen. i had the crêpe up there (lime and brown sugar wheat), with a mint lime soda. it did make me want to drink a mojito, for it to be about 40 degrees warmer, and possibly lay on a hammock for days. oh well. time will cure all, i'm sure. then i spent 3 hours at a coffee shop with a couple of friends. i plan to keep hard-core relaxing through the weekend, maybe eat a lot of indian food, maybe cuddle too much, probably play cello a lot. 
hope the rest of yours is great!

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Anonymous said...

i don't think it can be considered "brunch" if you wake up at noon.