03 March 2009

cereal and strange dreams

so i had weird dreams last night. i think i'm getting/am sick with something, because i'm constantly tired and sore all over. anyway, i was in this big auditorium- which was possibly underwater- and i'm pretty sure it was part of the aspen music festival (which i applied to and am patiently waiting on the news of my pending acceptance). a lot of people i knew were there, and it was a very steep auditorium. the seats just kept going forever. i got in trouble for bringing my cello along, but i think that i didn't know where else to put it. yo-yo ma was quietly playing cello in the back of the hall, and nobody was paying attention except me. then i took my cello to him and asked him what he thought of my bow. he put my bow vertically in between two strings and had me hold it there while he played open strings with his bow. then he told me my bow was too lightweight. how did he know that?! i had a craving for cereal, which lasted the entire dream. turns out- that was a real life craving that is still lasting throughout my morning. hence the picture of the newly reinstated vintage general mills cereal boxes that are completely bad-ass. i saw them at target on friday and freaked out. must. have. all. of. them. man, cereal rules.

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