24 February 2009

out of hibernation

to my two official followers, sorry i've been out of commission since last week. to the rest of you- i suppose i'll apologize to you, also.
the video above is from a concert i played in last summer in beijing, china. i've been thinking about that trip a lot lately. i studied there for 3 1/2 weeks with a lot of amazing people, and i'll leave it to you to play some where's waldo. i'm wearing a silver dress, and i sort of stick out. that piece is written for an octet- 8 people- and we played it with 85. you would think it would sound awful with that many people, but it didn't turn out so bad. i met some of the most talented people i've ever met at that festival, and i know they're all going to go somewhere. as for me, who knows. we'll see.
this weekend i made cupcakes, spent a whole night cleaning my apartment, saw my nephew, and probably annoyed people to death with hugs. i've been thinking too much about spring vacation and the people who are visiting me soon. i should focus more on school.
stay tuned, there are lots of things i have in store to show you! 
have a lovely day.

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