16 April 2009

can't wait to see this

speaking of

mia farrow is the coolest. i like her a whole lot. 
reminds me of my mom. 

need the eggs

i've been at sick all week now. drugged into sleeping the majority of the time, forcing myself to the doctor, stuff like that. i've been lonely and watching a lot of movies. annie hall has been my favorite. 
i won't be the first or the last to like woody allen's work, but it's been a nice time nonetheless.

14 April 2009

stay with me baby

church bells

i think about weddings a lot. maybe it's because there is so much happening with marriage in the news, maybe because i think about my own, but mostly because they're part of my life. i've been the maid of honor. i've been the cellist. my mom's been the organist/pianist, my sister's been the violinist, i've been in the string quartet. i've played pachelbel's canon more times than i care to think of. i've seen the candelabras fall over. i've seen the father-in-law show up drunk, and i've seen the bride outside drinking a beer. i can tell what's popular, what's cliche, what's real and what's not. when people make it their own day, regardless of trends and fashions, that's what it's all about. when i hear of ideas like this one, it makes me so happy. renting out a few super 8 mm cameras to your friends and having them film it. the whole day will be a blur, so why not see it through the people who see the best in you?
that's just what it's about. 

12 April 2009

bunnies and eggs

these people make my life a lot better than it should be.
happiest of easters everybody! 
i'm sick for the second major holiday in a row. yeah!

quoting this for infinity

08 April 2009

this is fantastic

thanks, bennet. as always.

05 April 2009

little joys

no stranger to the stage, but started to notice things
this hall filled with people, friday evening
packed full, last concert of the season
hundreds of little faces, dark and similar
giddy and restless, lots of little noises
woman in blue suit, third row
bopping to ellington banged out of the piano
clasping her hands at moments
old man, holding wife's hand
seeing his face, swell red with tears
head lifted to the sky, huge smile
respighi's pure bliss 
makes me feel magic
like a stranger, all over again

great idea


03 April 2009


i have no control over my tear ducts when i hear this.
words can't describe what it does to my insides.
beyond magical. out of this world. 

it's about love

and i'm sure in love with iowa right now.
and i love being in love with iowa.

01 April 2009

map animals


book fever

really looking forward to reading this. what a good guy.


stupid marc

damn it, marc jacobs. stop it. i can't afford your shoes. quit teasing me.