10 February 2009

oxymoron: gorgeous february day

i found, and officially claimed, an adorable apartment all of my own for next fall today. if i could find pictures of it, i would show you. it's exactly what i wanted- except for the price. what else is new? also, as we speak, it is 5:38 pm. as the winter sun is setting, i have my windows open. it is sixty degrees. all is well with the world. i realize i've talked about the awful weather a lot so far, but you have to realize this- i live in iowa, a bottomless hole of disgusting midwest weather of every kind.
i am severely pressed, as are many people, by some weird form of weather induced mood effecting... thing. so in every way, it's a big deal for it to be sixty degrees and beautiful on february tenth with the sun going down. this won't last, and i'm soaking it all in before some (god forbid) snow storm knocks my feet out from under me and forces me back under my covers by the heater. however, i dearly hope that doesn't happen for awhile. when it's this nice, i am an unstoppable force of motivation. that doesn't exist normally. i don't know who i am when i'm in this good of a mood. scary.

(p.s. isn't that picture adorable? via lovely design)

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