20 May 2009


i'm drooling. awesome design.

13 May 2009

11 May 2009

that's it

i give up trying to be a musician... right about now.

08 May 2009

everything in its right place

driving home this morning around two was rough. i'm so tired of studying. throwing things together that don't represent my inner perfectionism. i pulled out of the driveway of my friend's house and headed into the street. there were billows of fog. everything had a layer of dew. everything smelled of muggy spring. i rolled the windows down, turned up ok computer way too loud, and threw my hands out the window. i exhaled pure stress and just smiled. 
i drove home on streets made of clouds. 

07 May 2009


i know what i want. i want what i don't know i want yet. to be inspired. by the inspiring and the not so inspiring. to continually want to be alive, and to experience all of it. to remember, to move on, to renew.

01 May 2009

opera weekend

happy weekend, all. opening night of orpheus in the underworld tonight- the spring season opera production. shows saturday and sunday, too. i'm in the pit. should be a good, completely risqué time. 

happy may day!

this song by elvis perkins is about the time spent while his good friend was in a coma. it's the most meaningful song i've heard in a great deal of time. the lyrics blow my mind.