09 February 2009

birthdays and lovely days

saturday was my 20th birthday. what a weird thing.
wednesday i had been crying to my friends about morbid things and how i'm getting old.
saturday morning rolls around. friday night had been filled with friends and fun, expensive alcohol, and an ice cream cake with profanities written across the top. i woke to the sound of my nephew on the phone, had a bundle of beautiful flowers from a good guy delivered to my door, drove with the windows down (with no coat! in iowa!), ate whatever i felt like, and frolicked and shopped all day. i even bought some ass kicking boots. sunday, i went home and spent the whole day with my family. my nephew told me i had soft cheeks, and i felt my soon-to-be-next nephew kick wildly inside my sister.
it couldn't have been a better birthday.
the first couple days of this week are supposed to be in the 60s. 
i hope it never gets -20 again.

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