16 February 2009

happy monday!

happy monday, everbody! i went to madison this weekend, and it was fantastic. i saw lots of great people, my date took me on a valentine's date to tutto and we saw slumdog millionaire. it was a great movie, but not exactly what i was expecting. however, i don't know what i was expecting. i got to go to two of my favorite breakfast places while i was there, too. bradbury's (pictured above) and sunroom cafe. god, i love breakfast.
my date spoiled me with some very thoughtful gifts. 
i even did some shopping!

hope your valentine's day was great, and that you found a little bit of love in some way. xx

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vent_love_pray said...

omg super cute!!!!

Mine v-tine sent me flowers, but out actual celebration will be this weekend. Damn master classes!

Anyway you seem really happy and I'm happy that you are happy :)