10 March 2009

noah james

welcome to the world, little man. it sucks a lot sometimes, but most of the time it's pretty okay. don't get discouraged if you lose something, or your brother or your parents don't agree with you all the time, or if you get dumped, or if you wreck your first car. i will do everything in my power to stuff you with the junk food your mom doesn't approve of, and tell you all the stuff your mom would freak out if she knew i told you. i can't wait to see you walk and talk, i can't wait until your first birthday, i can't wait until you graduate high school, or your wedding day, or the next time i get to see you. i could hold you in my arms forever. i wish you would stay this little forever. never wish to grow up, and never regret anything you do. i will remember everything about this day forever- how i cried when i saw you in the nursery window, the way you smelled, when i brought your dad a half eaten chicken salad sandwich and cold fries (and he loved it), when your brother david picked out your teddy bear and wrapped it in blue tissue paper, when i wore yellow rain boots into the hospital, when the nurses told me i looked like your grandma, the way the sky looked above the hospital as i drove away. i wish you a long and happy life, and i wish you strength to handle it all. 
i will always be here for you. 

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Anonymous said...

such great advice for a one-year-old. i can't wait to see him!