13 March 2009

trees and memories

happy weekend (and spring break for me)! one of my very best friends and one of his friends is coming to visit today. the pictures of the trees were taken by me and clayton during the past summer. clayton was in aspen, colorado, and i was in beijing, china. can you tell whose is whose? or which continent is which? makes me think a lot about good times had and good times to come. hope this weekend is a great one. 
i can't wait to go hug that new baby boy!


Anonymous said...

ummmmm. i'm not sure which one is which? is the first one mine? lol i totally don't know.

(i do know, i know very well)

Anonymous said...

actually i changed my mind. i know which one is mine, because mine is bigger (that's what she said).

Also, I just found out today that i'm in Tanaka's studio! Yayyyyyyy. Horray. Celebration!