14 April 2009

church bells

i think about weddings a lot. maybe it's because there is so much happening with marriage in the news, maybe because i think about my own, but mostly because they're part of my life. i've been the maid of honor. i've been the cellist. my mom's been the organist/pianist, my sister's been the violinist, i've been in the string quartet. i've played pachelbel's canon more times than i care to think of. i've seen the candelabras fall over. i've seen the father-in-law show up drunk, and i've seen the bride outside drinking a beer. i can tell what's popular, what's cliche, what's real and what's not. when people make it their own day, regardless of trends and fashions, that's what it's all about. when i hear of ideas like this one, it makes me so happy. renting out a few super 8 mm cameras to your friends and having them film it. the whole day will be a blur, so why not see it through the people who see the best in you?
that's just what it's about. 

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